Recent Sightings January 2022

16 Jan:  Levanter cloud over the Rock, town and harbour with further cloud over the Strait.  Winds fresh easterly.

There was a Firecrest at Commonwealth Park among other wintering and resident birds.


15 Jan: Overcast skies with a moderate easterly wind.

A visit to Europa point in the afternoon produced 22 Gannets, 18 Balearic Shearwaters, two Cormorants, 130 Black-headed Gulls, three Mediterranean Gulls and a Grey Heron.  Among the Black-headed Gulls was the one with the white colour ring with the letters T39J that has been wintering at Europa Point for the last 12 years.


Black-headed Gull with white colour ring T39J first seen at Europa Point as a 1st/w 12 years ago.


12 Jan:  Levanter cloud over the Rock, town and harbour in fresh easterly winds. 

Two Turnstones and  a Grey Heron were observed along the South Mole in the evening.  Also a Common Sandpiper on the rocks by the runway.


11 Jan:  Clear skies early in the morning, but fresh easterlies bring in levanter cloud and some light drizzle by midday.  Remaining cloudy throughout the afternoon.  Winds fresh easterly.

A total of 51 Balearic Shearwaters were counted in five minutes from Europa Advance Road.



10 Jan:  Clear skies with a moderate westerly wind in the morning becoming strong westerly in the afternoon.  An hours watch at Europa point saw 18 Gannets and 11 Balearic Shearwaters west, two Shags east, 50 Black-headed Gulls, five Mediterranean Gulls (one ad, four st/w) and an Audouin's Gull 2nd/w.  Later on in the afternoon there were  16 Gannets, 49 Black-headed Gulls, a Mediterranean Gull, an Audouin's Gull,  four Sandwich Terns and three Lesser Crested Terns


One of three Lesser Crested Terns seen at Europa Point.                 R. Perez


09 Jan:  Clear skies with a light northerly wind in the Bay but light south-westerly at Europa Point becoming moderate to fresh in the Strait.

A morning watch at Europa Point produced 35 Balearic Shearwaters heading west, 25 Gannets in the area, a Shag, a Cormorant, a Common Sandpiper, 180 Black-headed Gulls, five Mediterranean Gulls, an Audouin's Gull,  and six Lesser Black-backed Gulls.  Also one Meadow Pipit on the mound.


08 Jan:  Cloudy skies in a moderate to light easterly, becoming light and variable in clear skies in the afternoon.

The Iberian Magpie was observed again in the Vineyards area.

An afternoon watch at Europa point produced 22 Balearic Shearwaters, 60 Razorbills and a few Puffins, together with some Gannets and Black-headed Gulls feeding off the Point.


07 Jan:  A Sparrowhawk was seen over Windmill Hill.  Another record total of 26,945 Crag Martins were counted from Europa Advance Road


06 Jan: An Osprey was seen over the airfield.


05 Jan:  An Osprey was observed along the east side of the Rock.


02 Jan:  Overcast skies with a moderate to light levanter cloud over the Rock, town and harbour, but some sunny spells in the afternoon when winds dropped to light variable.

Another count at the Crag Martin roost from Europa Advance Road produced another spectacular record count of 24,312 birds and a Swallow.

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