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GONHS Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is £500 per annum. This money goes towards:

  • The production and printing of our bi-annual magazine Nature News.
  • The production of our annual Bird Report.
  • Supporting our Raptor Rehabilitation Unit which cares for and subsequently releases injured/sick raptors found around Gibraltar.
  • The maintenance and running of our bird ringing premises at Jew’s Gate Field Centre.
  • All of your employees are able to attend our monthly outings free of charge.

You will receive multiple copies of Nature News for your business.

Our Corporate Members

GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Protect Rare Species

Help us to protect species on land, air and sea with our active conservation projects.

GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Save Rare Birds

We help care for rare birds including rehabilitating them to life in the wild.

GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Improve Local Habitat

Support our restoration work, construction of water points, maintain and build marine reefs, plant trees and flora.

GONHS Corporate Membership

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GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Support Campaigns

Via our representation in other bodies we can press authorities for improvements in protecting the environment.

GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Aid Planning Permissions

We share our wealth of experience with planners and developers to help them care for the valuable land in their trust.

GONHS Gibraltar Membership

Continue Research

Support continued research into biodiversity changes in the environment, migration & pollution so that actions or campaigns are based on scientific knowledge.