Recent Sightings December 2020

30 Dec:  Clear skies with a moderate northerly wind.  A flock of 29 Flamingoes were seen offshore heading north at Eastern Beach.


27 Dec:  Clear skies with a northerly wind.  A Whimbrel was seen at Camp Bay,  the Short-toed Eagle was seen over Windmill Hill, and the Sparrowhawk was observed along the Apes den.


19 Dec:  Clear skies with a moderate westerly wind.  The Osprey was observed heading north over Westside School chased by Yellow-legged Gulls.


15 Dec:  Cloudy with sunny spells.  Winds fresh westerly.  A Short-toed Eagle was seen hunting over the sand Slopes above Catalan Bay.


11 Dec:  Cloudy with rain showers from the west.  Winds fresh westerly.  Several birds are wintering around Montagu Gardens residential complex, with a Grey Wagtail, Chiffchaff, Robin and Black Redstart seen in the area.


10 Dec:  Clear skies with some westerly high cloud.  Winds moderate to fresh north-westerly.  A Kingfisher was observed on the rocks by Europlaza.  Cormorants frequent the western beach area and enter the Marina by Marina Bay area, and then rest on the railings at the western end of the runway where 15 birds were seen.


Fifteen Cormorants at the western end of the runway.                                                  J. Sanchez


08 Dec:  Cloudy skies with a fresh north-westerly wind.  An Osprey was seen just off Catalan Bay heading north.


06 Dec:  Some westerly cloud with plenty of sunny spells in a north-westerly wind.  An Osprey was seen patrolling along Waterport, and a Short-toed Eagle was observed above Levant battery chased by the two Ravens.


05 Dec:  Cloudy with some sunny spells.  Winds fresh north-westerly.  At 2pm a flock of about 500 White Storks were seen heading north over the Bay.  A couple of colour-ringed Black-headed Gulls returned to winter at Europa Point with E6PT and RKSF resting on the cliff at Europa Point.


Black-headed Gull E6PT

Black-headed Gull E6PT

Black-headed Gull RKSF

Black-headed Gull RKSF


02 Dec:  Mainly clear skies with some westerly cloud.  Winds moderate south-westerly.  A Swallow and a Kingfisher were seen at Governor's Beach in the afternoon.


01 Dec:  Some north westerly cloud with a moderate to fresh north westerly wind.  A flock of 140 Griffon Vultures were observed over the Rock before heading west across the Bay.   Three Siskins flew over the Botanic gardens.

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