May 2019 Sightings

29 May:  Levanter cloud over the town and harbour, thinning out in the afternoon to give sunny spells.  Winds fresh easterly.  A flock of 40 Flamingoes rounded Europa Point and flew west in the morning. 

A Mistle Thrush flew out from scrubland behind the old Casino and circled above observers before returning to the Olive scrub.  This species is quite scarce in Gibraltar, with some unusual records in July, and lately some ringing records in late October.


A Melodious Warbler was observed at the Botanic Gardens.


28 May:  Clear skies with a light westerly wind becoming moderate south-westerly in the afternoon.  Robins present in Commonwealth Park, the Trafalgar cemetery and the Botanic Gardens.  At least three pairs of Spotted Flycatchers; one in the Trafalgar Cemetery and two possibly three in the Botanic Gardens.

A flock of 32 Flamingoes flew west over the airfield and headed to the Palmones estuary across the Bay.

Eight Griffon Vultures a Black Kite and a Honey Buzzard seen mid afternoon heading north.


17 May:  A one and a half hour watch in the late afternoon produced 71 Honey Buzzards, 22 Black Kites and a Booted Eagle.

10 May: Clear skies with a light to moderate south-westerly.  A pair of Robins were seen at Commonwealth park.


09 May:  Overcast in the morning clearing by midday to give a sunny afternoon.  Winds moderate westerly.  Spotted Flycatcher present in Commonwealth Park.  A three hour watch in the late afternoon produced 279 Honey Buzzards, 287 Black Kites a Griffon Vulture, a Short-toed Eagle, 21 Booted Eagles and 200 Common Swifts.


08 May:  Light winds in the morning in clear skies but by mid morning a good moderate to fresh south-westerly wind set in.  Raptors and vultures moving in in the morning with the report of another, and possibly the same  Ruppells Vulture*Melodious Warbler photographed in the Botanic Gardens, where Spotted Flycatchers are now present and a Common Redstart was also seen.  An evening watch at the top of the Rock produced 16 Honey Buzzards, 60 Black Kites, 4 Egyptian Vultures,  2 Short-toed Eagles and 3 Booted Eagles.


07 May:  Clear skies with a moderate northerly wind turning to south-westerly in the afternoon.  Raptor passage was slow in the morning but picked up as soon as winds veered to the south-west.  Totals for the day were 447 Honey Buzzards, 332 Black Kites, 34 Griffon Vultures, a poss Ruppells Vulture*, an adult Egyptian Vulture, 22 Short-toed Eagles, 2 Marsh Harriers, a Montagu's Harrier, a Sparrowhawk, 35 Booted Eagles and an Osprey.   Also seen were 4 Red-rumped Swallows and 8 House Martins.


06 May:  Clear skies with a moderate northerly wind, with a moderate south-westerly picking up in the afternoon.  A White Wagtail and a Robin were present at Commonwealth Park.


05 May:  Clear skies with a moderate northerly wind, with fresh south-westerly pushing in from the Strait.  The fresh to strong winds in the Strait forced passage of Honey Buzzards to the east of the Rock, with birds arriving between Marbella and Torremolinos.  Few passed over the Rock, but a variety of species was seen there with a total of 175 Honey Buzzards, 317 Black Kites, 111 Griffon Vultures, 3 Egyptian Vultures, 25 Short-toed Eagles, single Marsh Harrier and Montagu's Harrier, 2 Sparrowhawks and 59 Booted Eagles.  Also seen were 2 Black Storks, 9 House Martins, 55 Common Swifts and a Serin.  


04 May:  Overcast skies with a light and variable wind, becoming light westerly. Very calm in the Bay and Strait but this did not stop the Honey Buzzards from crossing towards Gibraltar, and many going along the east side of the Rock and turning in over Eastern Beach.  A good daily total of raptors with 1913 Honey Buzzards, 286 Black Kites, 8 Egyptian Vultures, 3 Short-toed Eagles, 24 Booted Eagles, and single Sparrowhawk and Osprey.  Also seen were 3 Swallows, 2 House Martins and 25 Serins and around the Observatory a Pied Flycatcher, a Spotted Flycatcher, 2 Turtle Doves and a Willow Warbler.  A Woodchat Shrike was seen in the Botanic Gardens.  A visit to the North Front Cemetery produced single Turtle Dove, Northern Wheatear, 2 Whinchat, 2 Melodious Warbler, 6 Spotless Starlings and 2 Woodchat Shrikes.

A Common Sandpiper was seen on the rocks at Westview Promenade.


03 May:  Levanter cloud over the Rock clearing in the afternoon.  Winds moderate easterly turning light in the afternoon, and changing to westerly.  Spotted Flycatchers were seen in the Nature Reserve and the Botanic Gardens.  In the afternoon raptors begun to cross over the Rock with a total of 497 Honey Buzzards, 257 Black Kites, 2 Short-toed Eagles, 15 Booted Eagles, and a Sparrowhawk.  Also seen were 21 Common Swifts.

A White Wagtail and a Robin were present at Commonwealth Park.


02 May:  Levanter cloud over the Rock.  Winds moderate easterly.  A Bonelli's Warbler, Robin and Spotted Flycatcher were seen in the Botanic Gardens.  Two Swallows flew north.


01 May: Levanter cloud over the Rock in the morning, clearing after midday to give warm and sunny spells.  Winds fresh easterly becoming moderate in the afternoon.  A visit to the north eastern Talus slope in the morning produced single Red-necked NightjarMelodious Warbler, Garden Warbler and 2 Woodchat Shrikes.  A Spotted Flycatcher was present in the Botanic Gardens.  The Ravens were again observed from Jews' gate.

Two Turnstones were seen on the rocks at Camp Bay, and a Black Kite was also present in the area..

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